Male Botox treatments, sometimes referred to as “Brotox” is on the rise. Research shows that the demand from men for Botox or similar anti-wrinkle treatments has increased 310% since the year 2000.

As one of the local Bournemouth and Poole clinics with a long-established history of offering anti-wrinkle treatments to men, we have seen rise ourselves too in the local area.

Whilst Botox and fillers are typically the preserve of women, this increase in male Botox treatment can be put down to a number of factors. One factor recently highlighted by The Express put it down to men wishing to increase their chances of a promotion at work.

The Express quotes:

“Whereas before, men would embrace their aging looks, more are now turning to the ‘needle’ for a sprinkle of youth.”

Another factor is that men simply just want to take care of themselves more this century, and you can see evidence of that on TV, social media, and film. It’s certainly no longer the taboo it might have once been.

Male Botox in Bournemouth and Poole

If you’re a man living in Bournemouth or Poole, and haven’t had Botox before, then understandably you might have some reservations.

You can read for yourself how we work at Pour Moi Cosmetic with details on our approach to Botox treatments, reviews, and pricing elsewhere on the website.

But to give a very short overview of how it could work for you, we’ve written some guidance and notes below to give you a brief introduction to Botox for men.

Is Botox for men different?

Every cosmetic treatment plan we develop for our clients is completely bespoke and unique. We treat every person who comes to our clinic individually, as treatment recommendations will differ.

But there are certainly a few differences when it comes to administering Botox to males.

For example, many men like to retain a masculine look or even enhance that. With that in mind, the brow of the male patient should appear to be straighter and lower. This is versus how a typical female might desire Botox to result in a gentler arch with the brow sitting higher.

Based on that, we might modify the Botox injection technique to achieve a slightly different result. But like we said, we work to the patient’s desired outcome, so it really boils down to what results you are looking to achieve from an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Men also have stronger muscle mass than females, so it might mean that we need to administer a little bit of a higher dose in order to relax the muscles correctly. We don’t charge any extra though!

Working with the subtle differences between men and women is something that we have mastered over the last couple of decades. And that mastery and approach to individual treatments is shown by the outstanding reviews we have on Google and Facebook.

If you would like to book an appointment to talk about Botox for men in Bournemouth and Poole, please call us on 01202 707345, or complete a booking enquiry form.