Commonly referred to as an instant facelift, Botox is now the fastest growing non-cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. Popular for its fast-acting affects, the procedure involves injecting very tiny amounts of Botulinum Toxin into the desired areas to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

While Botox is only a temporary solution to the aging process, it is relatively pain and risk free which is part of the reason we are now seeing a rise in ‘Botox Parties’ across Bournemouth and the rest of the UK.

What Is a Botox Party?

A trend that was started by the celebrity culture in America, Botox parties involve a group of friends receiving Botox injections together, usually from the comfort of their own home!

Gone are the days of the sleepover, now it seems the most popular way to get together with friends is to share the fee of a surgical procedure.

Botox parties have become more and more popular across the UK, and can be done both in clinics and at home. There are many stories about Botox parties in the media, and there are many occurrences where alcohol or illegal drugs have been involved.

But is it safe, and is it legal?

As the trend is taking off here in the UK we wanted to shed some light on the controversial topic.

Are Botox Parties Legal?

To date there is no law deeming Botox parties to be illegal. Whilst it may be heavily frowned upon by many medical professionals, it is not an illegal activity.

However, we would never recommend that you do this, and instead visit a qualified Botox practitioner and clinic, such as the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic of Bournemouth and Poole.

Are Botox Parties Safe?

As a professional and ethical clinic, we would not recommend taking part in a Botox party in Bournemouth. Although Botox is a relatively non-invasive and safe procedure, it still involves an incredibly dangerous toxin that be very harmful and even lethal if used incorrectly.

Whilst many Botox parties involve qualified and experienced clinicians, there is no guarantee that the procedure will go smoothly when there is an increased number of patients. It can lead to a rushed job, unsafe conditions and the potential risk that something could go wrong.

One of the greatest appeals for those considering taking part in a Botox party is the shared fee of the procedure itself. While this may seem an attractive concept, there is always a risk that the cheaper the fee the less safe the chemical being used is.

The person performing the procedure may charge less if they are not fully qualified, or they may not be qualified at all! It is always recommended to go to a qualified doctor in a professional clinic.

If You Do Decide to Attend a Botox Party…

Figures have shown that a large portion of those who take part in Botox parties do so due to peer pressure. We recommend that if you find yourself at a Botox party, that you don’t allow yourself to be talked in to a procedure.

If you are there by choice, and want to take part then we recommend the following checks to be done:

  • Is the surgeon registered with The British Association of Aesthetic Practical Surgeons (BAAPS)
  • Have you had a consultation about what you want?
  • Is there a time-limiting offer on? You should never say yes to being pressured with time specific deals!
  • Have you been told the risks, recovery time and other important facts about the procedure? A professional clinician will always discuss these first.
  • Has the Doctor asked you about any medical history or allergies?

By looking out for these things you will be able to better gauge the situation, and whether it is safe to proceed. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting any procedure done in a registered and professional environment.

Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic

Here at the Pout Moi Cosmetic Clinic we offer a discrete and professional service to anyone considering Botox, or any other procedure. We work by appointment only and dedicate that allotted time to you and you alone, to answer any queries or concerns and ensure you know exactly what the procedure involves.

While we do not condone or offer Botox parties, we do offer a safe and exclusive service where you can feel completely at ease. If you are interested in Botox but feel nervous or unsure, you can contact us for a free of charge, no obligation consultation.

You can meet with Dr Awad who with over 20 years of is one of the most respected practitioners of Botox in the local area.

Contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you!