Laser hair removal has been a popular option for many men and women since the mid 1990s. Discussions concerning body and facial hair have been increased even more so since the advent of social media, in particular should we remain natural, or get rid of it all?

Today, around 70% of men, and 90% of women take part in the removal of body and facial hair.

While many stick to shaving, waxing or plucking, there has been a boost of people opting for a more long-term solution, and this is where Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic can help.

While there are more than one laser hair removal treatments available on the market, some are more efficient than others and we are proud to say we offer the most top of the range treatment, known as Intense Pulse Light, or IPL Treatment.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

First it is important that anyone considering laser hair removal of any kind knows exactly what is involved. As with any procedure, research is important to establish you have accurate expectations, but even more so that you can be confident you will be receiving a safe and quality treatment.

Laser hair removal involves intense pulses of light that get absorbed by the roots of the hair, destroying the follicle and preventing growth for an extended period of time.

The specific treatment we offer, known as IPL uses a high quality Lumina Flash Lamp which is a medical system that uses both traditional intense pulses of light combined with long pulse laser technology!

IPL can be used to provide a number of treatments but is most commonly attributed to hair removal.

How Does Intense Pulsed Light Work for Hair Removal?

IPL treatment is relatively pain and risk free and can offer a longer lasting hair removal solution. So, how does IPL work, and what do you need to do to prepare?

  • The day before your appointment you will need to ensure the treated area is fully shaved.
  • Before the laser hair removal begins, your clinician will apply a fine layer of cooling gel which will aid light absorption.
  • The applicator will then be placed against the skin and short controlled pulses of filtered light will be released.
  • The light is absorbed by the pigment found in hair, which destroys the cells responsible for hair growth.
  • This process is repeated across the entire treatment area.
  • The gel will then be removed, and the area can then be cooled with water, inflammatory creams or cold water to ease any discomfort.
  • Safety is a priority at the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic, and protective eye wear will provided for the duration of the treatment.

It is worth mentioning that any potential clients will receive a free of charge consultation where all questions can be answered, and a complete health check will be carried out.

If you are happy to proceed with the treatment, a written consent form will be filled in, and you will also carry out a patch test to ensure no adverse skin reactions will occur on the day.

IPL Hair Removal Experience and Recovery

Intense Pulsed Light hair removal is a fairly straight-forward procedure, which can be completed within an hour or less, however this time varies depending on the area of treatment.

Like any hair removal procedure of this nature, there is an element of discomfort which can be likened to a small, sharp pinprick sensation. It is widely described as moderate and acceptable discomfort and is extremely short-lived.

For this procedure you won’t require any sort of anaesthetic but will be provided with a cooling agent afterwards to sooth the area.

Recovery for this procedure is extremely speedy and usually straight-forward. Clients can expect a little bit of redness after treatment, which usually disappears after an hour or two.

It is generally recommended that clients return every 4-6 weeks for this treatment, and on average it takes between 2-6 sessions to achieve long-term hair loss! While we appreciate this may not be as fast acting as shaving or waxing, it is a long-term investment for smooth skin!

Why Choose the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic?

While laser hair removal isn’t a major procedure, and comes with limited side effects, we still appreciate that choosing the right clinic for you is incredibly important!

That is why here at Pour Moi we use only the best technology, and most highly trained staff to provide all our clients with a feeling of ease.

We offer IPL hair removal treatment from our Canford Cliffs clinic, in a professional and friendly environment. We have over twenty years of relevant experience in the field and take the time to answer any and all queries or concerns that you may have about your upcoming procedure.

We can guarantee that you are in safe hands for the duration of your stay with us, and we pride ourselves on our excellent advice on after care and recovery.

Why not contact us today to have a no obligation, free of charge consultation, let’s see how we can help.