Many adult men and women will experience some form of acne problem as they get older. In fact, a quarter of the male population has acne troubles while half of females regularly struggle with it.

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Acne will often affect the face, and at times even on their backs and in place which can be prone to become greasy.

Why does it happen?

Bacteria, stress and hormonal imbalances are just some of the reasons why acne can occur in adults. If you are stressed or having hormonal issues, your skin will respond by releasing too much oil. Bacteria can then rapidly multiply on the oily surface and cause an outbreak.

But what about treatment you can do yourself for minor outbreaks?

Here is some basic and straight forward advice which will help you to resolve an embarrassing acne situation if you are an adult.

#1: Avoid Squeezing Your Pimples

Avoid pricking your pimple as this will not make it go away but may even worsen it. Pricking will leave scars and help spread the acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

#2: Maintain Facial Care Daily

Make sure that you wash your face a couple of times every day properly – and do this by using gentle anti-bacterial soaps as the skin on the face can be very sensitive to detergent solutions.

Allow the soap to stay around the pimples for a longer time before rinsing it off when you are washing your face. Pat your face gently when you are drying it.

Also try to apply an oil-free moisturizer or for acute cases, put on topical treatments such as Alpha-hydroxy acids. This will ward off bacteria growth.

#3: Drink Plenty of Water During the Day

Acne management and prevention will be more productive with the help of water so drink plenty of glasses of water. It also helps clean your pores and keep your body free from toxins. It is recommended that you drink ten or more glasses of water daily to get optimum results and skin benefits.

Acne care in adults should be maintained using a consistent acne care system and regimen. This will eventually lead to the long-term banishment of acne troubles.

Acute Acne Treatment for Bournemouth Clients

Meanwhile, if you are suffering with an acute case of acne as an adult, then you should consult with professional skincare provider such as Pour Moi Cosmetic.

We offer specialist treatment including Glycolic skin peels.

For more information, please visit our acne treatment page.