Lip injections are currently of the most sought after non-surgical cosmetic procedures, having become more common due to their popularity with by many celebrities. Though not a permanent solution, the idea is that it should leave you with lips that look beautifully plumped and much fuller.

Derma fillers are the most widely used lip fillers that we offer at the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic (find out more), being a straightforward procedure taking as little as half an hour in many cases.

But when it comes to choosing lip injections, we do recommend that you conduct a small amount of research beforehand and talk to us about any concerns that you might have if it’s something that you have not done before.

It’s so important to choose the right clinic which can perform lip injections in Bournemouth and Poole for you safely and successfully. We are more than happy to speak with you at any point during your decision making process.

Why So Many People Choose Lip Injections

A great alternative to surgery, lip injections allow you to make a change to your appearance, with a less risky process than any other surgical procedure. Lip injections are considered as safe as getting Botox and even having a tattoo!

The results are instant, merely requiring a slightly uncomfortable process of around 15 to 30 minutes or so to achieve, thereby allowing you to continue with your usual routine as soon as it is completed.

With the main component of such fillers hyaluronic acid, people feel safer choosing something more natural to insert into their body, especially as this is essentially what the skin is already composed of.

Lip injections work by smoothing out those visible blemishes to offer a more polished and refined look. They also give the illusion of a more defined pout, which is ideal for those who want to balance out their lips, where one appears smaller than the other, or for those who want to make thin lips look plumper and feel better with their overall appearance.

Lip fillers can also work on defining shape, where the lips meet the skin colour.

Some people find that this area of the face is the first to show visible signs of wrinkles, and they do not like the look of such creases. Many feel this makes them look as though they are aging quicker in appearance. This is more obvious in those who smoke, as smoking increases such fine lines.

However, over time, our lips naturally lose their volume and begin to thin due to a lessening of the skin.

The Long-Term Effect of Lip Injections

Lip fillers and derma fillers are not to be considered long-term solutions as, depending on the individual, they tend to last anything from three to around nine months before the effects start to wear off.

Regarding other long-term effects, the only risk involved tends to be seen straight after the procedure, where some people may experience a mild amount of discomfort and swelling, but in no way will that continue any longer than a few days at the most.

Infections are also rare, but with proper quality aftercare, there really should not be any significant long-term effects after such injections.

As for having then done once again, it is always a good idea to start with a small amount of filler to get yourself used to the change and then build up from there if you need to.

It is considered entirely safe to top up with lip injections when you feel like your lips need that boost once again.

Lip injections should not be a problem health wise considering that the effects tend to disperse, as the naturally occurring ingredients found in the fillers used is broken down into the body during this time.

Tips for Choosing A Good Clinic

Once you have done your homework and you are satisfied that a lip injection is for you, it is then a case of getting in touch with a clinic who is licensed to perform such procedures.

When choosing your clinic ask yourself the following:

  • What are the clinic’s credentials? Is it registered and is the practitioner approved to carry out lip injections?
  • What is the practitioner’s history? Can you see examples of their previous work, or is there someone you know who has used him or her before that you can speak to?
  • Are you offered a consultation? A decent clinic will demand to see you in person and discuss the required procedure beforehand, making you completely at ease with your decision.
  • What is the clinic’s aftercare like? A competent practitioner should explain the after effects of your procedure and offer you advice as to how you can get in touch with them, should you need to afterward.

At the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic, we tick all of these boxes and would love to talk to you or arrange a consultation from our Canford Cliffs clinic near Bournemouth and Poole.