If you are considering booking a mobile Botox appointment in the Bournemouth or Poole area, then please be aware that it’s not a service that we would either recommend, and it’s not just Pour Moi Cosmetic saying so.

mobile botox poole and bournemouthIn fact, back in 2011, the BBC reported that The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) were warning that people who choose to have a non-cosmetic treatment at their home, for example by a mobile Botox practitioner, could be putting themselves at risk.

Their advice was to opt for Botox in a professional and controlled environment, such as at a proper local Botox clinic.

There have been various reports in the national media over the last decade where young people using mobile Botox services have exposed themselves to potential danger.

Home visits are particular something that BAAPS recommend against, as on some occasions, the person administered the procedure might not have the correct skills, training, or equipment to do so safely.

There are even concerns over whether or not the mobile practitioner would have insurance in place should anything go wrong.

A consultant cosmetic surgeon said back in 2011 that using he has seen some very bad results from people who had chosen a home visit service. The BBC quoted him as saying:

“I’ve seen some terrible botched jobs. Fillers have gone all over the place and migrated to places they shouldn’t have gone and it’s been virtually impossible to correct it. The worst-case scenario could leave you being disfigured.”

Whilst we don’t want to scare local people in the local area, if you are considering mobile Botox in Bournemouth, then please do take the time to think about it carefully before proceeding.

For example, does the practitioner have the correct qualifications? Are they insured? Do they have online reviews and testimonials to back up what they are doing?

Even if all of those boxes are ticked, we would still thoroughly recommend that you talk to a genuine Botox clinic in Bournemouth, such as Pour Moi Cosmetic.

If you contact us today, we can arrange a consultation with us, or you can just have quick chat with us about how it all works and whether it’s the best thing for you.

And then, if you do decide to choose us, you have the peace of mind that your treatment will take place at a genuine Bournemouth and Poole clinic, in a safe environment, and in the capable hands of the renowned Botox practitioner, Dr Awad.

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