Here is another article from the local press regarding the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic. You can read the scanned article below, or skip down to a selected transcript from the original article.

Excerpt from the Article

There are ways of pumping up your pout without joining the likes of Leslie Ash or Melanie Griffiths in the killer-kisser stakes.

The Paris Lip is a quick, non-surgical treatment that claims to give a natural outline even without lipstick.

Tracey Miles, 31, of Talbot Woods was invited to give it a try by Dr Essaad Awad at the Pour Vous Cosmetic Clinic in Poole.

Her lips were numbed first then Perlane, a manmade crystal clear gel, was injected into the outer edge of her top lip.

Although it looked quite painful, I was assured it was not as bad as it looked.

It took about 30 minutes to complete and according to Dr Awad, it should last.

“Clients like the idea they can come into the clinic and have a treatment done straight away with immediate results,” she explained. “The results are more controllable because the client can choose when to stop and when to inject more.”

Dr Awad said when it eventually wears down, the skin returns to its natural contour.

A week later Tracey returned to the clinic in Canford Cliffs Road to show off her pert new pout.

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