Our clients come to us with various areas of concern, including the loss of volume in the tear trough area. At Pour Moi, with the expertise of Dr Awad we can resolve this issue, filling the area and restoring the youthful fullness.

Thankfully there is a treatment available which can provide stunning results; tear trough fillers. This is where we offer rejuvenation with filler in the tear trough area. It’s a great way to restore plumpness in this area and the youthful beautification triangle.

We offer the best tear trough treatment in Bournemouth and Poole and believe that our results are proof enough of that statement… and you can see that with these before and after photos below of a recent client.

Tear trough fillers in Bournemouth

Photos of a client of Pour Moi Cosmetic. Approved for use by signed agreement.

Our tear trough offer

If you book in tear trough fillers with us the first treatment will cost £400. Any subsequent treatment booked will be reduced to £375. 

How long does tear trough filler last? 

Your tear trough is that area just between your lower eyelid cheeks. As you get older you will start to lose volume on this part of your face; resulting in dark circles and eye bags. 

By injecting filler into this area, you can restore the loss of volume making you look younger, refreshed, and less tired.

  • Tear trough treatment is pain-free: we will apply a topical anaesthetic to the area first.
  • Can last between 6 and 18 months: but will differ from individual to individual
  • Quick treatment time: clients can be in and out of our Bournemouth clinic in under an hour

If you would like to book an appointment in for tear trough fillers in Bournemouth and Poole please contact us.