This article was originally published on The Sun’s website.

Fine lines and wrinkles is what some of us try to avoid with ageing. Some will opt for the potions and lotions and others may revert to more invasive treatments like fillers and Botox.

And these things can work wonders on our faces, so much so some people are unrecognisable after having treatments done to their face.

One woman has gone viral after sharing her updates after getting botox for the first time. Natasha, who goes by the name of natashabally1 on TikTok, shared a daily update to her thousands of followers.

The video shows how the wrinkles around her face completely disappear around her face within eight days.

In other videos on her page she shows herself attempting to do the same pose as her ‘before’ picture, and showing no lines.

People were stunned by the difference, with one writing: “Wow, transformation.”

Another expressed: “She turned into Megan Fox in 6 seconds.”

A third added: “You went from 60 to 35 real quick.”

And others thought she looked great, with one writing: “Beautiful.”

“When you’re scrolling through TikTok and come across this beautiful face,” another said.

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