Botox Injections Cost (Bournemouth)

Botox Bournemouth PricesBotox injections can provide a quick and simple treatment for people wanting to lessen the signs of aging by reducing their wrinkles. At the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic we offer a discrete, professional and private service from our Canford Cliffs location, and welcome calls from anybody considering this type of treatment who would like to know more about how it works.

One of the more popular questions we always get asked, is how much does Botox cost and what are the prices involved for the injections procedure? Whilst it’s not always possible to give an exact price on the Internet, as we do prefer to first consult with a patient to assess their suitability for this type of procedure, we can give some general costs and pricing shown below.

Botox: Bournemouth Prices & Discounts Available

All procedures take place at our Canford Cliffs cosmetic clinic, but before treatment we do like to meet and talk with our patient’s first in order to explain to them how it will work, and the results they might expect to get. The table below shows some pricing information.

1 Area

  • Special introductory offer on BOTOX® treatment in one area for only £175 instead of £200. Call now to find out more.

3 For 2

  • Special introductory offer on BOTOX® treatments three areas for the price of two for only £275 instead of £375.

2 For 1

  • Special introductory offer on BOTOX® treatments two areas for the price of one for only £200 instead of £275.

All prices include a complimentary treatment around the mouth and a check up after 2 weeks, with a top up if required. Regular clients who book their treatment in advance can take advantage of a regular’s discount.

If you would like to know more, please contact Dr Awad at the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic to arrange a quick and free consultation. In the meeting we can discuss Botox prices, how the procedure will work, and any other questions you might have.

To get started please call us on 01202 707345.

Scroll down the page to see some supplementary information that you might find useful on this type of treatment, plus details on Dr Awad and her credentials. We also have a selection of client reviews available.

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Dr Awad is the Managing Director of Pour Vous UK Ltd T/a Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic with 30 years relevant experience.

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What is it Botox?

Botox is the commercial name for the injection of botulinum toxin, and has become the best known name for this type of treatment. When Botox is injected, it freezes the muscles under the skin, with the result being a smoother skin surface.

Another benefit, apart from helping with the appearance of ageing, is that it can help to reduce the pain from migraines and headaches.

What We Do

As a procedure, Botox is relatively simple. Dr Awad will inject small amounts into the selected areas with a very small needle. The areas most commonly targeted are:

  • Your forehead
  • Lines around your mouth
  • Crow’s feet and wrinkles around your eyes
  • Frown lines in-between your eyebrows

Do Botox Injections Hurt?

Some patients may experience minimal discomfort, at the most. This is because the needles that we use are very fine. Dr Awad has over 20 years of experience as a cosmetic procedures practitioner.

How Long Will It Take?

When you visit us we will put you at ease, and explain the whole process, and a medical overview of what we are going to do. The actual Botox injections take very little time, and in the majority of cases they will be completed in under 30 minutes.

Are There Any Side Effects?

You may experience some minor swelling and bruising but this is extremely rare. Some patients can react to Botox injections with a minor headache for a couple of days.