How Paris Lip Can Give a Natural Outline Without Lipstick

Here is another article from the local press regarding the Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic. You can read the scanned article below, or skip down to a selected transcript from the original article. Excerpt from the Article There are ways of pumping up your pout without joining the likes of Leslie Ash or Melanie Griffiths in [...]

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Botox Bournemouth: Results Testimonial from a Client

We often receive letters from our clients, expressing their satisfaction with the service we have given them. We save them, and over the coming months will be publishing some of them with the patient's permission on our blog. Here is one such letter of recommendation and thanks that we received from a local Bournemouth lady, [...]

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Armpit Botox Injections Could Change Your Life

Celebrities may have used it to prevent sweating under the spotlight at this year’s Oscars ceremony, but Botox can provide welcome relief for people who suffer excessively from the embarrassing problem. Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating – affects one per cent of the population and in most cases there is no underlying cause. It usually occurs in the [...]

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Can Botox Head Off a Migraine?

Imagine your worst ever hangover, crank up the pain a good 10 notches and visualise someone slowly squeezing your head with a vice. Direct sunlight feels as though shards of glass are being inserted just behind your eyes and even birdsong can induce an agonised sob. In most cases migraine sufferers are confined to bed, [...]

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Bring Out Your Natural Glow

Now is the perfect time of year to give your skin care regime a spring clean, and one of the best places to start is with a derma peel. But not everyone is ready to commit to the discomfort and lengthy recovery associated with a traditional deep peel. However there are many more options available now, [...]

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Age Defying Beauty

We talk to doctor Awad of Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic about cosmetic procedures which can slow down the visible signs of ageing. What treatments are popular with your older clients? Botox and skin fillers for fine lines and wrinkles are popular because of the instant results. Botox is particularly effective for the upper face as [...]

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Could Social Anxiety Be Treated With Botox?

Press Release: (Washington, DC, January 31, 2017) George Washington University is currently recruiting volunteers for a new study testing Botox to help symptoms of social anxiety. Social anxiety disorder (SAD), also known as social phobia, is a psychiatric condition affecting 12% of adults, approximately 20 million Americans, according to the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R) [...]

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Facing Up To Beauty and Thermage

When it comes to facing the ageing process, Dr Essaad Awad is a firm believer in holding back the years for as long as possible! And she's in the right business too. For Dr Awad runs an exclusive cosmetic clinic in Canford Cliffs, specialising in the latest non-surgical, anti-ageing procedures. "The majority of my clients [...]

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