Glycolic Peel in Bournemouth and Poole

Glycolic Acid Peel in Bournemouth & Poole

The use of AHAs to improve the appearance of the skin dates back to Egyptian and Roman times. The Alpha Hydroxy Acid “Glycolic Acid” is derived from sugar cane and has the smallest molecular structure of the AHA family and can therefore penetrate the skin much more effectively than other alpha hydroxy acids. It is not absorbed into the body and will not cause any systemic side effects like chemicals used in other peels.

A gentle glycolic acid peel can be performed with varying percentages of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid loosens the “glue like” attachments or cellular cement that is characteristic of many skin conditions such as ageing, acne, discolouration and coarse texture. After just a few weeks your skin looks brighter, clearer and dry skin becomes hydrated and smooth.

The depth of the resurfacing facial peel is controlled by three factors; the concentration of the solution, the length of time it is applied and the preparation of the skin. It is therefore important to appreciate that clients that wish to undergo glycolic peels should be on a home care program, using glycolic acid based products for at least two weeks prior to the first peel, and also during the course of the peels.

Glycolic acid helps to reduce cell “build up” at the lower levels of the skin. This facial will resurface the skin giving dramatically softer, smoother texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing scarring.

The Procedure

The skin is first cleansed with an appropriate cleansing solution.

The glycolic acid peel is then applied, at this point you may feel a mild stinging sensation, this usually lasts for about one minute. The acid peel is left in place for a period of time, this varies according to skin type and other factors like, how your skin has reacted to the home care program, and the amount of peels you have had previously.

The face may become pink after the solution is applied, there may also be some faint whitish discolouration in some areas. The peel is then washed off.

In some instances you may experience some flaking of the skin after your peel, this is normal. Under no circumstances should you pick off any dead skin as this could cause pain and possible bleeding. Do not use a sun bed or sunbathe for a week after your treatment. No eye make up or make up should be applied on the day of the peel, also no jewellery should be worn around the neck on the ears.

Glycolic Peel Before and After Photos


Are There Any Risks Involved?
Chemical peels are a relatively straight forward procedure and are very safe in trained hands, however, you should be aware that there are possible complications such as, temporary skin pigmentation changes and reactivation of cold sores.

Can I Wear Makeup After a Peel?
To best aid recovery, you should avoid wearing makeup until the skin is completely healed.

Is It Painful?
You may feel a tingling sensation during this procedure.

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