Teosyal® Kiss (Paris Lip)

If you want a more expressive look that highlights the natural shape of your lips, the Paris Lip technique may be for you. Lips present a special challenge, since the border diminishes over time.

Teosyal Kiss defines the border to give a natural outline to the lips (top and bottom), even without lipstick.

Paris Lips are very popular with all ages whether you require the latest fashion look or simply a more defined natural look.  Paris Lips are created by outlining the border of the upper lip and highlighting the vertical ridges between the lip and nose. Extra volume for fullness or a heart shaped top lip can also be achieved. 

The choice is dependant on the timescale of effect required, pricing and personal preference.
The Teosyal® Kiss technique is quick and easy to achieve and gives a really fashionable and natural look.


How Long Does It Take?

Paris Lip is a very quick and easy treatment, it usually takes about 30 mins, this means that you could have the treatment in your lunch hour and go back to work with a new look! 

How Often Will I Need Treatment?

As with the other forms of fillers, the longevity of the implants depends on many factors, the rate that the implants are absorbed back into the body varies from person to person, the type of skin filler used will also have a bearing on how long the effect will last. On average it is necessary to have top up treatments about every two to three months to keep the look fresh.

Is it a risky procedure?

Paris Lip boasts the best of hyaluronic acid in safety, efficiency and durability.

Is It Painful?

As with other types of y, the Paris Lip treatment involves injections with very fine needles. The lips are a particularly sensitive area, because of this it is usual to have a mild local anaesthetic before the treatment to ensure the minimum discomfort. As the anaesthetic wears off you may feel a little discomfort for a short period of time. 


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