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Obagi Blue Peel in Bournemouth – Be Blue For A Day!

When it comes to your skin, there are many reasons to get the blues – blemishes, acne scars, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and sun damage, to name but a few. If you want younger healthier looking skin, now there’s a way to dramatically improve your complexion, in just a day. It all starts with the Obagi® Blue Peel.

Obagi Skin Peel BournemouthWhat makes this peel unique is that it allows the doctor to control the depth of the peel and the number of coats applied in order to tailor the process to your skin’s specific needs. This flexibility allows the doctor to react to the individuality of each patient, to effectively remove the thin surface layers of aged and/or damaged skin. The Obagi® Bue Peel can even be performed on the neck, chest, hands, back, arms and legs.

The application takes about 20 minutes, depending on the number of coats the doctor has determined to be necessary to achieve your goals. you will experience a slight burning sensation that lasts about two or three minutes. Immediately after the procedure, a bluish tint remains on your skin, which will usually wash off in 12 to 24 hours.


Before and afterHow long is the recovery period?

After the procedure, you will experience light swelling and your slin will begin to peel within 2 or 3 days.  The peeling will continue over the next several days and should be healed in an average of 7 to 10 days.

Can I apply makeup?

To best aid the recovery process, makeup should only be applied after the skin is completely healed.

How can I maintain the benefits of the Obagi® Blue Peel?

Keeping your skin’s new healthy glow is an ongoing process. The Obagi® Nu-Derm System is a prescription system which is formulated to work safely and effectively with the peel to ensure the skin looks and acts younger and healthier.

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